Friday, December 31, 2010

dustpan, dust pan & brushs ,steel brushes

       Ladies need a very important and necessary tools  at homes, these tools are some of the duty on each woman, we have chosen today to offer you the most important dustpan tools to cleaning up , which should reside in your home.
   Vacuum dust : This type of dust pans is great for cleaning surfaces dry and hard, this one pick up  removable pads , the dust and hair, dirt, more than any broom or other whisk hand, with a rotating head that can reach into tight spots and remote as well.
   Dustpan of bathroom and kitchen: great cleaner for bathroom and kitchen, a bacterias killer  that can cause odors and disease, because it contains a bleaching agent, it does not only clean but it cleanses well, cleans stains and fat stains, as well as killing mildew.
   Glass dustpan : windex  considered the best glass cleaner that does not leave any impact on the glass, and it is also ideal for dust paning other surfaces in your home, such as stainless steel, mirrors, chrome and tile.
Toilet dust pans: toilet dustpan " Iosl" effective from the first use because it contains a powerful combination helps to clean (dustpan) the dirt above the water line. He's strong enough to dissolve mineral deposits and stains, it also disinfects and kills germs in the bathroom effectively.