electric dustpan

          electric dust pan .There are many types of electric dustpan, each one dedicated to certain floors, and some works 
 on all floors, in this article we will be Discuss on the types of  features and specifications of
 the electric dust pan , and all what you need to know before you buy this dustpan.
Upright electric dustpan
Upright electric dust pan takes its name from its form, the advantage of being easy to move  and designed to not take much space in storage, their length makes cleaning easier by virtue of relevance to the length of the body, this type of dust pan is suitable for open spaces, furnished, but because there is no hose, difficult access Of places narrow and driven between the pieces of furniture, but due to the popularity of this kind of dustpan are many companies add options and accessories for cleaning difficult places and narrow, if that type work for you, you best make sure of the presence of these accessories.
Cylinder electric dustpan
This type of electric dust pan that uses a hose to the suction, suitable for floors, unfurnished and furnished and also places high and curtains and stairs and the interior of the car, where the hose   and its accessories help you a lot to clean up difficult to reach places , there is an important factor when buying a electric dustpan ,sie of  cylinder , there are small sizes and are easy to store and easily withdrawn, and there are large volumes  which is characterized by the possibility of cleaning up more space without having to stop to empty the dust.
Wet and Dry electric dustpan
These electric dust pan like the other ,but it has a  additional advantage , the  ability to drying and dehumidifying and water from the ground or furniture, ,it's an  important advantage for many buyers, but the  the price is higher , this type comes in several sizes,  you choose what you need.
Handheld electric dustpan
Suitable to small tasks  and fast sweeping confined spaces such as inside the car, as is evident from its name, this  electric dust pan is  easy handy to carry and suitable for those who lead the work of cleaning simple, and usually come without a wire, but rather a battery is shipped so that they can carry and cleaning freely .
Steam electric dustpan
Uses steam to clean, suitable for  healthy cleaning, as the heat from the steam kills germs, flawed by a lack of operation where you can not start directly in the cleaning, but you have to wait for several minutes until the water is heated, and after that start cleaning you have a specific period before  the water and Steam implementing, you may reach this period of 30 minutes, not enough time to large houses and places.
The presence or absence of the bag dust in  a electric dustpan
All types of electric dust pan that we have mentioned comes in two forms:
- The presence of dust bag: their meaning is a plastic bag sealed to collected dust in it, and uses a one-time, as it is after the sweep and fullness, you should  throwing the bag and install another one , this is the cheaper one, and are usually less noisy than the other .
- The abseence of dust bag: the most popular type,  this type uses a bag of tinfoil or plastic fixed inside the elctric dust pan, when it full dump the bag and then re-installed it, this  type has a bigger bag, in addition taking short time to install the bag.
Weight and size of a electric dustpan
If you wanna to perform a simple cleaning and want to easily store electric dust pan take small distpans, and if you are looking for cleaning a large area full of walks take big dustpans, do not interested in size only, sometimes sie is deceptive, ask about the power of absorb the dust bag.
Engine power of electric dustpans
Engine power of electric dust pan is  An important factor in the strength of the suction, all the engine power above all, the stronger the suction, and also do not forget the other important factor " the length of power cord", if the wire is longer you  can move in a larger area without having to transfer socket Electricity.
electric dustpan Filter
There are two types of filters in dustpans like this, the type which replaced each period, and the type which fix, the electric dustpans filters fixed is better and higher price.
electric dustpan  Accessories
All electric dust pans come with many accessories   to clean difficult places and higher one, but these accessories are different from electric dustpan to another, so be sure to find out what accessories are available when you buy a electric dust pan.