dustpan & dust pan

            dust pan the story of name dustpan or dust pan have a relation with Lloyd P. from seattle . this man have a great idea to step up with life to an easier one , he invented the dustpan (dust pan) in 1882.
 The dustpan is a cleaning tool used in households around the world to "dust paning". It was invented  as a way to improve our way of life. The dustpan now are different .because it cames  in several types and sizes.

Dustpan are usually have a shape like a square or a rectangle dust pan. A handle is attached to one side so the dustpan can be held in place or picked up easily.
dust pans are tow types

Some dustpan are small and handheld. Others are designed to be used while standing up; this dustpan's version has a long pole attached, so no bending is required. Most dustpan are made of tough, flexible plastic or durable metal.
Dustpans are used to picking up dirt and dust after sweeping a floor. Without dust pan, unfortunate home cleaners would be reduced to using magazines Instead dus pan , old receipts, or even their hand to get the dirt off of the floor. everybody who has tried these methods knows that they don't work very well.
Many dustpan are manufactured with a hole in the dust pan handle. This hole can be used to hang the dustpan on a convenient hook or nail close to frequently dirtied areas such as entryways and kitchens. By always hanging the dustpan in the same place, the homeowner rests secure in the knowledge that, should a need for cleaning arise, he is prepared. Dustpan  can be hung in a pantry, underneath a sink, or on the wall of a mudroom. They take up little room and, when hung aesthetically, can add an aura of efficiency. Dustpan brushes are sometimes manufactured in a way that their handles clip firmly over the dust pan handle, providing easy access to both necessary elements in this traditionally foolproof home cleanliness system.

The price of dust pan runs from less than $5 to about $20. They can be purchased at any local supermarket or discount store.