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       Steel Brushes are suitable for a wide variety of brushes applications and are generally the most economical and most widely available of the different wire steel brush options. 
Steel wire (steel brushes) is the hardest of the commonly offered brush wires, providing a high fatigue life and durable cutting action. Steel wire brushes is most appropriate for work on steel and iron workpieces, but may also be used on wood, aluminum, brass and copper; however the softer the material to be brushed, the more likely that a steel wire brush will cut into the material and remove base material in addition to the targeted coating or contamination.
Strip Brushes perform a multitude of functions in a production environment. Strip brushes feature a formable metal structural element, the channel base, and brush fill that can be varied as to material type, trim length, density, and flexibility. A Strip Brush can function as a brush seal on a piece of equipment, a flexible shield against mist, dust,

light, heat, or intrusion into a point of operation. Mounted to contact a conveyed product steel brushes, a Strip Brush can function as a product hold-down, a static reduction device, a detector of holes in insulating coatings, an applicator of wet or dry coatings or a duster to remove loose material. Mounted on a conveyor line, a Steel Brush can redirect or stabilize a moving product or sweep away loose debris. Inserted into a paddle wheel style cylinder assembly, strip brushes allow conveyor cleaning brush refills to be performed in-house. Wrapped around an auger-shaft or added to the flights of an auger screw, a steel brushes becomes a flexible flight capable of moving product without damage. Steel Brushes catalog  Product Information

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QuickWood Steel Brushes for Rustic SandingThese are special steel brushes for opening the wood grain. The abrasive is used for making openings in the wood grain and to make it look rustic. The steel brushes is used first, then a powder such as chalk or powered stain is put into the open wood. The surface is then brushed clean and a clear lacquer is applied. The powder is now sitting inside the low grain. The QN steel brushes look is unbelievable.stel brush .Surface Conditioning Wood/Wood Composites

– Finishers of Hardwood and Softwood products such as kitchen cabinets, entry doors, exposed beams, moldings and flooring are looking to distress the surface of these products to achieve an antique look. The key to success is designing a Wire Brush that will distress the surface and follow the natural grain of the wood. We have designed a wide range of Wire Brush products to suit these requirements for most species of wood.
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