Thursday, December 30, 2010

Optimal use of resources available

    Optimal use of resources available and the power needed to operate the facility
Optimal use of the resources of power available and necessary for the operation of the business users without compromising the comfort or productivity or compromising the efficiency of appliances and equipment used in or produced
Two goals of rationalizationDevaluation of the bill consumptionAway from excessiveEffective engagement with the transport companies and distribution of electrical continuity of service with the required efficiency by reducing the loads in excess of the stations and electricity networks

Ways to rationalize consumption of electricity in some of the devices 3A. Air conditioningThe air-conditioning of the most commonly used devices for high temperature during the summer where this device consumes a great deal of electric power consumption reflected on the invoice and the following methods of rationalization of electrical energy used in air conditionersClose windows and doors to prevent entry of hot air to the insideCareful to fill the holes to prevent the entry of hot air by placing shims on the door frames, windows, exhaust fans and any other places withWhere wires and pipes through wallsCurtain drapes (buffer) for the windows to prevent entry of external heat to the insideSkylights or in confined spaces to ensure good ventilation of the device and not to increase consumption and avoid installing wall air conditioners (Window Type)Attention to clean air conditioning filter, it is difficult to pass through the air filter is clean and air conditioners, thus consume more energy and raise theThe bill for consumptionMake sure to put off the air conditioners when leaving the room or officeAdjust the air conditioner thermostat (temperature control device) at 25 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit), a class best suited for cooling comfort

B. LightingThe lighting uses more electrical and obvious, but what happens to ignore this fact when it comes to providing energy, the following tips will help to provide the energy used in lightingChoose the appropriate fluorescent lighting (energy-saving lamps) with high efficiency and less consumption and dispensing with the regular bulbsLeast efficient and high consumptionTake advantage of natural lighting during the day instead of the use of electric lightingCleaning Hats lamps of accumulated dust to get good lighting the minimum number of lampsLighting the place in which it operates onlyLamps of Foreign Affairs (fences) so as not to remain lit during the day use officer time (Timer)Coating the inner walls of rooms and offices that help color light on the spread of light with high efficiencyTry to reduce the use of Najaf because they have a significant increase in consumption byA. Contain a large number of bulbs with the regular consumption of higher
B. The impact of an increase in temperature inside the building and thus the need to increase the adjustment

C. HeatersThe use of heaters are often not given sufficient attention on the grounds that the sense of the actual need for the heater at certain times, but this view from the side of what the safety risks they also lead to increase the rate of consumption of electricity without a real needThe use of these heaters reduces the consumption of electricity and increase the efficiency and to achieve this are advised to follow the followingEnsure the proper operation of the thermostat (thermostat) as the crash lead to the continued operation of the heater and power consumption as well as more serious possibilityBlast heaterMake sure there is no leakage in hot water connections since the leak also causes the heater in the maintenance of the non-stopSeparation of electricity to the heater in the summer and when you do not need itWork periodically to clean tank water heater to remove sediment and the Interior to ensure the safety and validity of the thermal insulation of procedure so as to ensure high efficiency of the heaterTry to use water heaters powered by solar energy instead of electricity, especially to those with high consumption, such as hospitals and hotels

D. Stoves, electric ovensThe operations of cooking with electric stoves require a great deal of electric power and the following tips will help to provide this energy or reduceThe use of gas-fired furnacesReduce the open oven door during cooking power, as it is when you open the oven door results in the loss of part of the heat, and thus long term use of aFor electric stove
E. Washing machinesWashing machines and dryers task of home appliances that consume a certain amount of electrical energy and can reduce the energy directed to them following these tipsRun the washing machine full of clothes cargoWashing under the sun instead of using the electric dryer