Thursday, December 30, 2010

Which is the best electric heater or gas heater?

Advice from a competent person
Laurel, preferably Universal

Why gas
A speed of heating water
2 low consumption
3 security
4 Age default much longer for water heaters, electricity

Why can not recommend electric
An electric heater needs time to heat the water as the heat works on the amount of water in Altank and that sensory capacity 5060 ..... 100 liters
2 Electricity consumption is very high
3 takes place problems in the check after a wrap
4 eat Hilla membranes of the heater

For heater power Ochar a popular type of heater Olympique but absolute best heater Toshiba is expensive and ranges calories according to CC about the start of 925 and above
The advantage of heater that suit Toshiba internal stainless stainless and also ensure that Toshiba Arab absolute best in after sales service
I hope that I have your statement